iOS 10 mail sucks!

Thanks Apple, NOT! Now my email is so small on my iPhone I can barely read it. WTF?? 😡

Update: Apparently I'm not the only one. Here's 94 other people:

The good news (I guess) is that after being told at the Apple Store that I could see a tech in 1.5 hours I tried turning off the phone and restarting. Problem fixed. Lame Apple, really really lame.

p.s. Not having ANY iPhone 7+ phones for sale on launch day in Santa Rosa?? FAIL. Worst Apple product launch ever.

6 comments on “iOS 10 mail sucks!”

  1. You know it! The way iOS 10 organizes emails is a mess. It clusters everything with similar subjects together even if the receipeints are unrelated.

    Or anytime someone responds to an email the OS sends all of them back multiple times. Before you know it you have one email string with the same messages repeated dozens of times.

    What a sloppy mess

  2. Once again Apple screws up a perfectly good feature with more useless bells and whistles. iPhones have more storage? Fill it up with useless graphics and emojis and fireworks. Afaster chipset? Slow it down with more useless background processing and apps.

  3. Great phone. Mail app sucks dick. Usually disappointed with iOS updates. Either screws up the phone or make apps less convenient to use. Steve Jobs made a great company, all I need is someone to maintain that shit and I’ll by the products. Just make something that is dependable, durable, with year lasting battery life and I’ll give you what you want. Bitch.

  4. This mail string sucks to no end. When there are multiple responses I have to spend more time figuring out where the previous email in the list is. Totally BS. I just want to scroll down and see the previous response. Now it’s like taking a stack of papers and throwing them in the air whenever I open a email thread. APPLE JUST GIVE US SIMPLE EMAIL THREADS LIKE WE USE TO HAVE…or a way to turn that crap off.

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