Come see my laptop

The news about 25,000 people coming to SF for the Skrillex / Fred Again concert (two names I had never heard of). It was hailed as a big success. Turns out these are DJs playing electronic music. I had no idea. Made me think of this photo someone on Facebook posted awhile ago. I thought it was a joke. Apparently not.

Add tape to make the nut larger, duh!

Recently I bought a universal weed eater head. Didn’t fit the 40v Ryobi because the installed nut was M10x1.25, not M8x1.25. So after much frustration and a trip to the local Ace Hardware, finally got the nut removed so that I could replace it with a M8x1.25 nut (left hand thread).

Problem was that nut is smaller and so there was a gap around the nut inside the housing. I used J-B Weld Plastic Bonder to glue it in, but unfortunately didn’t center it exactly and so there was considerable vibration when I used the Ryobi. Just read last night a review on Amazon about a similar universal head where he used tape to build up the M8x1.25 nut so it would fit snug. Brilliant! Will try that next.

UPDATE 5/8/2024
Reset the nut with tape wrapped around it to make for a snug fit. The verdict? Better, but still more vibration than with the smaller Rino Tuff and MaxPower PivoTrim heads. Oh well, worth a try since it was only $8, about 1/3 the price of the others. Aside from the vibration, works well and the WeedWarrior Pulverizer Twist that a got a 40 ft roll to try has yet to break. Pretty incredible line for $3!

Rising tide lifts all boats

"Rising tide lifts all boats" is a metaphor often used to describe a situation where general prosperity or improvement benefits everyone within a certain environment or context. Essentially, when the overall economic or social conditions improve, all participants, regardless of their individual circumstances, tend to benefit. This phrase is often associated with economic growth, where a flourishing economy creates opportunities and benefits that extend to all sectors and individuals within that economy.

Switching to Claude 3

Recently I started using Claude because it's finally giving good code results. Also, it allows file uploads - for free, unlike ChatGPT which requires the paid plan. As a result of these two things, I've made the switch to Claude (at least for now). Looking forward to ChatGPT 5 whenever that it is.

UPDATE 5/4/2024

Claude continues to impress for coding. ChatGPT no longer my ‘go to’ LLM.