Change lends a new perspective and a chance to test

As computer systems and computer languages get more complex with each new update, inevitably one day a script’s PHP or JavaScript version will suddenly no longer be compatible and it’ll stop working. This puts pressure on system admins and the like to either keep their scripts up to date, making whatever code changes are necessary or finding alternate scripts to do those tasks.

Recently one of the scripts I use started not to work in Firefox and Chrome, but still was OK in Safari. Here then is a situation where browsers are updating and causing the scripts to fail. I’m currently looking for a new script.

With the old script dead and a new one still on it’s way, the website has temporarily lost that functionality. Or has it… as the saying goes, “When one door closes, another opens.” rings true. Though it’s only been a couple of days, so far it doesn’t appear that people are missing it. I should know more in a week or two whether or not the website even needs a new script – maybe it’ll turn out just as strong or stronger without it.

Facebook Addicted

Among my Facebook “friends,” I don’t participate on the platform very much. Certainly nowhere near as much as some people I know. People who seem to be spending most of their waking hours “sharing” everything they can think of on Facebook! The utility of Facebook is a fact of life today. It wasn’t always like that, I joined when Facebook had only around 10 million members. Now they’re at 1.5 billion! That’s a utility. 

Unlike other utilities (such as PG&E or AT&T, for example), Facebook is interactive and invasive – it’s roots buried deep into the psyches of its customers. The more Facebook grows, it’s user base becomes just that much more varied and multinational, giving the “powers at be” tremendous data to be mined and marketed to.

Predictions that iPhone X will be a huge hit? I have my doubts.

I just read a post called Here’s a big clue that Apple will continue to dominate with the iPhone X on Yahoo! Finance. Sorry, but that’s not what I’m seeing at all. In fact, just the opposite. I find very few people saying they’re excited in any way whatsoever on post after post about the iPhone X, the vast majority of respondents are thumbs down. I’ll believe the hype when I see it.

Knowing your going to die is uniquely human

Maybe I’m wrong about this, but as far as I know, humans are the only ones that know they’re going to die. As consequence of this knowledge, many choose to become artists or musicians (+1) and just run out the clock that way. Others try to improve mankind through politics or social programs. Others go to war. Whatever the choice, we’re all going to die.

iPhone X – don’t like the notch!

Watching the Apple Keynote for the new iPhone X
Very surprised Apple approved that big notch at the top of the screen. I find it makes the phone look unfinished — as if it is missing a part.

UPDATE 8:51pm

Judging from the many comments on the posts about today’s keynote, I’m far from alone in not being impressed by the iPhone X. I’ve had my iPhone 6 Plus for three years now and it still works great. All these “improvements” since haven’t compelled me to buy a newer model. I like knowing how to get around on a phone – not relearn it every time. I like the Home button, headphone jack and the screen size and battery life of the 6 Plus (which was my main reason for upgrading from the iPhone 4S). I could care less about unlocking the phone with my face, Animojis or wireless charging – and like the vast majority of the thumbs down crowd, paying $1000+ is ridiculous – and that’s for the 64GB model! There’s no 128GB option, just 256GB and that’s a whopping $1150. Tack on tax, Apple Care and upgrade/activation fees and according to CNET it’s $1461! No thanks.

UPDATE 9/13/17 5:49pm
It’s looking more and more that the iPhone 6 Plus will be the last model of iPhone for me. Don’t know how long it’ll be supported by Apple and AT&T, but provided it works as well as it does now, I really see no reason to move. Shouldn’t be too hard to pick up a used one on eBay should this one die — at least for a few more years.

One day, I found myself crowded on a boat…

One day, I found myself crowded on a boat with a lot of other hopeful people on the way to the Statue of Liberty, and what I realized is all these boat tour companies have actually just managed to recreate the immigrant experience!

I don’t think they’re even aware of what they’re doing, but ten minutes in, all I could think was,  “Get me to America… I don’t want to be on this boat anymore… I’ve got to get a job and feed my family!”

— Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face

Panda Express – not vegan friendly?

An employee at the Panda Express in Santa Rosa Plaza Mall, told me they cook everything in the same pans. That means the vegetables are potentially covered in pork, chicken or beef fat – definitely not vegan. I pressed her if that was company policy and she said it was. Needless to say this is very distressing for vegans who *thought* they could get a meal at Panda Express. If someone from Panda Express could please clarify it would be appreciated!