Baccarat redux

I went to the casino yesterday to lose some weight. This is my second visit in about four years. I saw a few people at the baccarat tables that surprisingly were still there. Most of the “old” faces were not. It was nice to reconnect with those that were and catch up. I hung around the tables for five hours. The place is still very smokey, and my clothes now reek of tobacco, just like they used to in the past. I remembered to wear my “casino” shoes (a pair of Z-Coil spring heel) so at least my legs and feet aren’t killing me today. I didn’t place one bet the entire time.

After all the time I spent studying baccarat in the past, the desire to risk money on what is essentially a coin toss just isn’t very motivating. I do like watching people play though and since most of them are Chinese, it’s as if I’m in another culture for a time. What is sad to watch is the old people lose, but I guess if they lived this long and are still able to go to a casino and play baccarat for hours on end, maybe they’re not as bad off as I suspect.

Out of tune, out of time

The tape recorder doesn’t lie and the fact is, I played out of tune (flat mostly) for much of the rehearsal today. For starters, my flute was pulled out too far and I hadn’t bothered to check my pitch with the piano. Those were my first mistakes. Secondly, we were rehearsing without our drummer, and yet I had my amp volume turned up as if we were. With the flute so loud, I wasn’t really hearing the other guys as well as I usually do. In short, I was too loud to hear where the pitch was and really not capable of listening intelligently to the musical environment I was participating in. Just a whole lot of guessing going on my part as both my poor pitch and poor rhythm bear witness to. The good news (if there is any from this fiasco), is that I’m now very well aware of the situation and can hopefully learn from it so that it doesn’t happen again.

Seeing stars

Every now and then I have a day where I’ll see stars, my eyes going haywire. Flashes of white light in waves. Makes for working on the computer a drag. Fortunately, this condition usually passes. I think it’s somehow sleep related, as I notice it most often when I’m not well rested, though that’s not always the case as there have been times where I did not feel tired at all and the stars appear.