Setting up a CRON job for phpList in cPanel

Watching YouTube tutorials on CRON jobs in cPanel and using phpList. Some of what I've learned so far:

  • If you have SSH access, you can run the cPanel CRON from the command line
  • Changed the previously modified config.php file from 360 to 200 emails at 3600 seconds batch (i.e. 1 hour) just to be safe...
  • Changed send rate to 7 seconds between emails.
  • Changed CRON job to run every fourth hour on the hour. ( 0 */4 * * * )

Here's what the CPU usage looked like initially running hourly with the emails spaced 15 seconds apart, not good. Turns out, to keep CPU as low as possible means longer intervals for the CRON and shorter delay between the emails.


Some other discoveries:

  • To turn off email reports after every run, change line #483 to 'false' in admin/init.php
    if (!defined('SEND_QUEUE_PROCESSING_REPORT')) {
  • To prevent the confirmation email after somebody unsubscribes, delete (or comment out) line #885 in index.php:
    # sendMail($email, getUserConfig("unsubscribesubject:$id"), stripslashes($unsubscribemessage), system_messageheaders($email), '', true);
  • To change the messages displayed in the browser, for English go to texts/ and search for the specific message(s) you want to edit.
  • To hide the list shown on the unsubscribe page, change the subscribe.css page in the Typography section:
    li,table,form { font-size:12px; display: none }

To bulk blacklist:
Subscribers →
Manage Subscribers →
Bulk remove subscribers →
Check to also add the emails to the blacklist →

For more phpList hacks, see Alan George's great site:

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