Flute Fever by Jeremy Steig – on CD?

One of the landmark jazz flute records is the 1963 Columbia release of "Flute Fever" by Jeremy Steig (flute) with Denny Zeitlin (piano), Ben Tucker (bass) and Ben Riley (drums). I've long wished for this on CD (my LP is trashed!) and even talked with Denny on Saturday night after his concert about getting Columbia to re-release it as such. He agreed, adding, 'I love that record!'

In searching around on the net this morning, much to my surprise I discover that in 2003 the label Collectables apparently did just that:

In 2003, Collectables released Flute Fever/Monium, which contained two complete albums -- the classic Flute Fever (1963, originally released on Columbia) and Monium (1974, also originally released on Columbia) -- by Jeremy Steig on one compact disc. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

Unfortunately, I cannot find this CD for sale anywhere online. 🙁
What I can find are lots and LOTS of mp3 download sites that have a digitized copy of the LP (I'm assuming Collectables did NOT stoop this low for their release, did they??), you can hear the needle scratches! (listen to the beginning of 'Oleo')

If you know of where I can get - or have this CD for sale - please let me know. Thanks!

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  1. Hello! Yes, this is quite an LP. I bought it after I heard it on WHAM in the 60s. I have a back-up Japanese Sony replica vinyl, never played. I have many other Steig LPs that may never surface. Good luck!

  2. I’ve had the original LP release since I was sixteen or so. A friend just digitized it for me. But I would LOVE to find a good CD version.

    yrs, another hohum fluteplayer

  3. Hi Murray,
    I too digitized a good condition copy of the LP a couple of years ago. It’s not bad, but it’s obviously not CD quality either. Hopefully Columbia will do it right someday.

    1. Awesome Jonathan! So looking forward to hearing this (as I’m sure many, many others are too). Thank you!!

  4. Dear All,

    Sorry for the delay. But now am putting together the Steig Flute Fever release. I would say it will come out in April or May. I’m getting the art work, etc. sent to Tokyo now for printing. Thanks for your patience.

  5. Dear All, At the request of the pianist, Denny Zeitlin, the Steig CD now under production in Tokyo and the U.S. will come out this fall exactly 50 years after it was recorded. Denny had another CD come out and asked me to delay the release until the Fall which I have. Sorry again for my false prediction on when it would come out. This fall for sure. Jonathan

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