Gemeinhardt releases it’s flute serial numbers – again

I just discovered that Gemeinhardt once again has posted their serial numbers. In my April 2006 post Lars Kirmser's: serial numbers, I mentioned that both Yamaha and Gemeinhardt hadn't made their serial numbers public. Then in September 2007, I was notified in the comments to my post that Gemeinhardt had just added a serial number link to their Home page (as a PDF file). However, the link to the file was subsequently pulled by Gemeinhardt from their Web site. Well, it's back!

From a brief look, it appears to be the same difficult to use PDF as before (except this time with an intro added to it and the prices removed). Here's the link:,7

Hello Yamaha? Are you there?

UPDATE (7/26/08): Joe Butkevicius has converted the pdf to Excel and posted it on flutenet:
http://groups. group/flutenet/ files/Gemeinhard t%20serial% 20%23%20history. xls

7 comments on “Gemeinhardt releases it’s flute serial numbers – again”

  1. I have just purchased a new gemeinhardt flute. It’s serial number is 412816. It says 3eshb on it as well as kgg custom on the headjoint. can anyone tell me more about this flute?

  2. I have the same kind to, with solid silver, gold lip headjoint. I can’t find anything on it! Sin # 419412. Can anyone help.

  3. I also have a similar Gemeinhardt model serial #425371 that I bought in canada.

    Does anyone know what the E in 3ESHB stand for? I am thinking of split E mechanism.

  4. Hi, I have a Gemeinhardt 2 SP …K91544 Flute. Can you tell me how old it is and around how much it is worth……Thanks.

  5. I have a model 3SH, serial #363662, open hole, C joint, solid silver head, made around 1985 I think. Can you give me any information on it?

  6. I have a gemeinhard i need to how much it cost and how old it is
    Serial numbers are l50516. I have a 2np..

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