Salieri on Mozart

Everybody liked me.

I liked myself.

Until he came.

He came to Vienna to play
some of his music. . .

. . .at the residence
of the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg .

Eagerly, l went there to seek him out.

That night. . .

. . . changed my life.

-- Salieri
(F. Murray Abraham, Amadeus)

San Francisco International Flute Festival – not iPhone friendly!

A friend sent me a link to the San Francisco International Flute Festival yesterday (  I was on my iPhone at the time and clicked on their link - this is what I got 😐

p.s. There's no 'Flash Player' for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and probably never will be.  For more info as to why, see Steve Jobs' essay:

AT&T 3G MicroCell is fantastic!

Just set up the AT&T 3G MicroCell and am happy to report that it works great! My normally horrid AT&T cell reception here in Sebastopol is now holding between 4 and 5 bars, yay! Also, the call quality on my iPhone for the first time is as good at home as it is when I'm inside the AT&T store. So if you're wondering if the AT&T 3G MicroCell works as advertised, I can safely say the answer is YES! 🙂

Korg KDM-2 power adapter hack

The Korg KDM-2 is a very nice digital metronome with one drawback, batteries only. After going through several sets of AAA batteries (four at a time!), I finally decided I'd had enough of contributing to the hazardous waste and so off I went to the local electronics store to see if I could get the thing to somehow use a power supply instead. Turned out the guy there knew exactly how to do it and within a few minutes, had the thing wired. Works great! 🙂

The KDM-2 says 6v on the back, but we got away with using an old 5v D-Link power supply just fine (Model No. AF 1205-B). Here's some photos

Korg KDM-2 Digital Metronome (front)
Korg KDM-2 Digital Metronome (back)
D-Link Model No. AF 1205-B

Facebook – Import Failed We couldn't find a feed using the URL you provided.

The RSS feed import to notes in Facebook has never worked right. Rather than update automatically (like it should!), feeds have to be manually re-entered in order to get the latest posts to show. Now it's even worse, now it doesn't work at all: "Import Failed We couldn't find a feed using the URL you provided."
Yeah right. 😐