Ronnie Laws – jazz flutist extraordinaire!

One of THE jazz flutists whose work seems to go largely unnoticed when people talk about great players is that of saxophonist Ronnie Laws (Hubert's younger brother). I first became aware of Ronnie's incredible flute chops (thanks to my friend Elias Leüvwarden) about thirty years ago on his 1978 album, "Flame" (Ronnie then was only 28).

His two solos on the tune "Joy" are a blistering display of technique as well as being very hip harmonically and rhythmically (especially solo #2 after the vibes!). Unfortunately, "Flame" is long out of print. The good news is that I was able to find it online (Google: Ronnie Laws flame cd) and also posted on YouTube:

For jazz flute, very few players have anything on Ronnie Laws.
Check him out!

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