Testing mechanical timer to turn modem Off/On

My modem locked up and killed Wi-Fi during a recent storm. Unfortunately, I was unable to restart it because I was out of town so got me thinking about how to prevent the same thing from happening again the next time.

Was hoping for a power outage to force a restart when power resumed, but that didn't happen. So now I'm exploring options other than asking a neighbor to go to the circuit breaker on the house to do it.  PG&E can do it, but that involves many more steps and scheduling a crew to come over etc. - not practical. You can't just say, "Please turn off the power for five minutes so my modem can reboot"  (hopefully a mechanical timer can do just that).

The old pin style Intermatic TIME-ALL timer I have has a minimum duration of 30 minutes between On/Off. That's longer than I'd like, so looking into a replacement with shorter intervals.

UPDATE 1/11/23

Somebody else had the same idea!



Joel Garcia-Trevino
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Works for reset once a week

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 23, 2022
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I needed to reset my WiFi router once a week since it was disconnecting when I waa away for weeks. This works well for it. There may be other ways of doing it but this is the way I did it. I set it program 1 to turn on the router every day of the week at one time say 4:00 AM. I then set the same program to turn off 5 minutes before the time only one day. For the example Sunday at 3:55 AM. Hope that helps someone.


UPDATE 1/25/23

I went with this

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