I had no idea until last night when I saw this video what ChatGPT was about. After replaying the video several times, I signed up to see for myself.  It's amazing just how good this thing is (though I'm not sure about the author's five year timeline putting the careers of programmers, math teachers and doctors out of business - that's a bit too Chicken Little for me).

However, it wasn't that long ago that people scoffed at the idea that a computer would someday be able to beat the top Grand Masters at Chess.  That day, as we all know, has passed. Today the computer never loses - even to the best GM.  To assume that AI won't someday be able to excel in other fields just as it has done with Chess is naive.  It's simply a matter of time.  Maybe not for several more years or even in my lifetime, but eventually it's going to happen.  There's just too much computing power, demand and data driving ChatGPT  for it to not keep getting better. Just a matter of time.

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