Stopped in to hear some music

Last night on my way home, I stopped to hear some live music. The band was playing 'Red House' as I was walking up. Guitarist was good, but there were very few people there. Doorman asked me for $5 to stay and have a drink but I declined and went home. When I was younger I'd have hung around just to watch the guitar, but nowadays it's pretty common to hear guitarists aping Jimi much better than thirty years ago. Back then, it seemed like only a handful of guys had figured out Jimi's sound (Frank Marino and Randy Hansen come to mind).

My hunch is that it's technologies like YouTube, software like Transcribe and Slowdowner, and improvements in guitars and effects that are the difference. In spite of all the problems of 2013, when it comes to being an aspiring musician (from a technology point of view at least), it's never been a better time.

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