RichardSolo Power Case unplug glitch

Slightly annoying glitch using my new RichardSolo Power Case for iPhone is what happens when I unplug the charger. I get the following alert:
"Charging is not supported with this accessory"


The fix is to restart the phone. Other than that, still hands down the best case ever!

UPDATE 7/14/12
A few days ago, RichardSolo sent me a replacement case. Same problem. So yesterday I took the new case and my iPhone over to the Apple Store in Santa Rosa to see if they could duplicate what was happening. Turned out everything worked fine for them, which meant the problem was my iPhone and not the Power Case. After getting a fairly long lecture on incompatible chargers and how they can damage the iPhone, that "the iPhone wasn't designed to be run like this," etc., the young man offered to give me a new iPhone. So there you have it, I now have a new iPhone. Problem solved.

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