Flipping flutes – some people are making big bucks!

Thanks to the internet, over the last ten years I've noticed the rise of the small time dealer of used flutes. Typically these folks (usually savvy women!), are already good to professional flutists who have seen the used flutes market as something they can get into, both with their students and the public at large. They know enough about flutes to spot ones that they can double or triple their money on, fix up if necessary, and find a buyer. The majority of this new breed of flute dealer focuses on the low to mid price flutes, but there are a few that deal in the high end too ($10,000 - $20,000+) and unlike most musical instruments, flutes can be easily shipped anywhere in the world. This makes for an ideal opportunity for anybody with the know how to be a flute dealer. Seems like there's more and more of them every day!

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