Restore iPhone 3G to original settings and software

I recently decided to sell my iPhone 3G 8GB. To clear all my data I went to iTunes and clicked Restore.

If you're experiencing problems with your iPhone, you can restore its original settings by clicking Restore

While this indeed did erase all my info and reset the iPhone, it did so to the latest software - Version 2.2.1 and Modem Firmware 02.30.03. However, I would like the iPhone back to the settings that I bought it with, not the updates. I've tried several times to restore the iPhone to earlier versions since they're all in my iTunes "iPhone Software Updates" folder, but none of them work. 😐
Guess I'll be heading over to the Apple Store and see if one the "Geniuses" knows how to do this. Will post my results when I get back.

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