From the beginning of the movie Tootsie: Michael Dorsey (Dustin Hoffman) reading for a role (I looked on YouTube for the clip, but didn't find it). Here's the text: Listen


...Dorsey, is it?

Yes, that's right.

Mr. Dorsey, would you turn
to page 23 please?

Yes, I believe you mean
the first scene--

Sorry, the second scene
of the first act.

Second scene of the first act. That's Right. Take your time.
Begin when you're ready.

Yes, of course.

"Oh, sweetheart, do you know what
it was like waking up in Paris that morning...

...seeing the empty pillow where--

Wait a minute! Cover your breasts. Kevin is
downstairs! My God, what are you?

> I'm a woman. Not Felicia's mother.
> Not Kevin's wife."

Thanks very much Mr. Dorsey.
We need someone a little older.

"Mom! Dad! Uncle Pete, come quick!
Something's wrong with Biscuit!
I think he's dead!"

We're looking for someone a little younger.

"They have dinner--" Can I just start again?
I didn't get kicked off right.

The reading was fine, the reading was fine.
You're just the wrong height.

Oh, I can be taller.

No. You don't understand, you don't understand... we're looking
for somebody shorter.

Look. I don't have to be this tall.

See, I'm wearing lifts.
I can be shorter.

I know, but really we're looking
for somebody different.

I can be different.

We're looking for somebody else, OK!?


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