New Apple In-Ear Headphones? (save your money)

Earlier today I bought a pair of the new Apple In-Ear Headphones for $85 with tax. I'm sorry to say that I'll be returning them tomorrow. πŸ™
To my ears, the original iPhone earbuds have better bass and are 'warmer' sounding in general. In contrast, the new 'In-Ear Headphones' sound thin and tinny. Oh well, so much for that - the quest for better headphones for my iPhone continues.

Update 12/17/08
Went to the Apple Store and returned the headphones. After talking with one of the Apple employees, he suggested buying a Shure Music Phone Adapter for iPhone ($44) which I did. I then headed over to Best Buy and after talking with one of the reps there, I was persuaded to buy the Sony High Performance Ear Buds (MDR-EX55LP) for $38. So far so good (even though I didn't save a whole lot of money going this route -- a whopping $3!) but the sound quality is infinitely superior to the Apple In-Ear Headphones and so ultimately a better solution, which is what I was looking for. Yay.

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