Mojave and FileMaker Pro 13?

Not compatible. Crashes constantly. The solution?

  • A) Buy a newer version of FileMaker for $700 (this is what Claris advised me several years ago...)
  • B) Revert computer to an earlier, compatible, version of Mac OS and re-install FileMaker.

I chose option B.

2012 Mac Mini running Mojave

  • Format external drive plugged into one of the Mac Mini USB ports (this I discovered was MUCH faster than using a thumb drive), one partition, GUID
  • On startup of Mac Mini -- Command+Option+Shift+R (this launches Internet Recovery)
  • Install new version of OS (this is the one that the computer shipped with, Mountain Lion in my case)
  • Installed on external drive and automatically restarted in Mountain Lion
  • Installed FileMaker Pro 13 and voila - works!

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