I don’t like alcohol

Said my friend. The reasons why my friend doesn't like alcohol are probably many, but at the top of his list I'm quite sure is his relationship with his father, an alcoholic. 

Alcohol can lead to all kinds of problems, because essentially a person under the influence is a stupid person. That's what alcohol does, it makes you dumb -- and dumb people do dumb things, duh! 

While getting a buzz on alcohol can allow for a recess of sorts from the realities of life, the problem of course is that alcohol impairs judgement. If you've been drinking to excess, then it won't be long before other problems surface and stupidity prevails. Because, that's  what happens. Stupidity.

Sublime 'insights' on alcohol usually turn out not to be. Rather, they're usually just minor observations  that aren't sublime at all. Anybody not under the influence can see this right away -- "That guy is out of his mind!"

So... don't drink to excess and don't be "that guy."

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