SideBooks app for two-page charts on iPad

One of the most common problems facing musicians and the iPad, are multi-page charts. For Sher Music charts, the effort for a long time has been to keep them to a two-page max so that musicians won't have deal with page turns. Enter the age of the iPad and a single screen. Fortunately, there's an app to do two-page charts called SideBooks and not only does it do the job, it's also free! You can get it on the App Store here:

A couple of points:
1.) To account for front to back charts in a fakebook (offset by single page charts), there's a "HaveCover / No-cover" button in the landscape view which will correct the offset and make a two-page chart display right.
2.) To prevent the app from going dark after a few minutes, change the settings on your iPad:

Settings →
General →
Auto-Lock →

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