Google Spreadheets to the rescue, again!

Back in April I wrote about Google Docs and how it somehow fixed a .csv file that I couldn't get Excel to do. Well once again, it's made short order out of a problem that I couldn't find a solution for. This time having to do with getting a MySQL date format from a date strong. For example, the numerical equivalent for Friday, December 30, 2016 in MySQL is 2016-12-30.

While it's possible to do the conversion within MySQL, it's not what I would call intuitive or easy to figure out how to apply it. Contrast that with Google Spreadsheets where it's simply a matter of choosing the date format from an options drop down - just select the column and then pick the format you want. Couldn't be easier. Plus once applied, it automatically converts new strings on the fly as they're entered into the column. Big fun to watch.

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