Dreams of flight and improvising

I just woke up from a very vivid dream. Part of it was from the perspective aboard a B-17 as ME-262 and ME-109 planes raced by. Then I was in a jet flying after them. Then I was free falling as if in a parachute as the planes blew past me. It was a beautiful sunny day. Wow!

The other part of the dream was feeling completely connected as I improvised on the flute. I remember having a conversation with my old friend/drummer Kendrick about the difference between Bird and Trane and how I felt Bird "never flapped his fingers" and said what he had to say in a couple of choruses, though I conceded that Trane and modal music was a different thing altogether. I mentioned playing through all of Bird's solos as the path. Other things I recall saying had to do more with a philosophical nature, such as the influence of key people in our lives (like Tony was for Kendrick) and how I really felt most at home as a classical player because my role was clear cut. Then I woke up.

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