Change lends a new perspective and a chance to test

As computer systems and computer languages get more complex with each new update, inevitably one day a script's PHP or JavaScript version will suddenly no longer be compatible and it'll stop working. This puts pressure on system admins and the like to either keep their scripts up to date, making whatever code changes are necessary or finding alternate scripts to do those tasks.

Recently one of the scripts I use started not to work in Firefox and Chrome, but still was OK in Safari. Here then is a situation where browsers are updating and causing the scripts to fail. I'm currently looking for a new script.

With the old script dead and a new one still on it's way, the website has temporarily lost some of it's functionality. As the saying goes, "When one door closes, another opens." rings true. Though it's only been a couple of days, so far it doesn't appear that people are missing it. I should know more in a week or two whether or not the website even needs a new script - maybe it'll turn out just as strong or stronger without it.

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