Lost my iPhone

Don't know how or where, but my iPhone is gone. I asked the three places I was at, nobody had my phone. Went to the Apple Store to see what they could do, no luck as I had "Find My iPhone" turned off. 🙁

The guy at the Apple Store set the phone to erase upon activation, so that hopefully that will thwart any BS. This sucks.

Note to Self: Turn on Find My iPhone!

9/27 5:36AM - iPhone still shows that it hasn't been erased, eight hours later (I'm supposed to get an email alert anyway from Apple when it does). I guess that's a good sign - that maybe the phone is simply lost, not stolen. However, my bank shows that there are two pending charges for $0.00 from Apple iTunes that posted around 11:30pm - three hours after I reported the phone to Apple. I contacted the bank and asked about the charges and if Apple made these or a stranger did. He didn't know, thought maybe it could be part of Apple's security. Hope so!

I have this nagging suspicion the phone is wedged between the seats at the movie theater. I'll go over there as well as the other two places this morning.
Guess I can take some comfort in knowing the phone has pin number login - that much at least, I got right.

9/27 1:15PM - Found it! 🎉😎

Had to search the movie theater twice, couldn’t remember what seat I was in - phone was face down under the chair. Headed immediately to Apple Store, signed into iCloud and cancelled the erase request. Everything just as it was, yay! Turned on “Find My iPhone” 

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