Facebook – Import Failed We couldn't find a feed using the URL you provided.

The RSS feed import to notes in Facebook has never worked right. Rather than update automatically (like it should!), feeds have to be manually re-entered in order to get the latest posts to show. Now it's even worse, now it doesn't work at all: "Import Failed We couldn't find a feed using the URL you provided."
Yeah right. 😐

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  1. Facebook should really look into this. I would like to avoid sharing my feed info and FB info to third-party feed apps. They were able to make it work before. They should be able to make it work again.

  2. thank you so much. i was going crazy and trying to find why i couldnt import the blogs and i couldnt find any information. finally i found this page and i noticed it is not just me. i feel better now 🙂 thanks for information. so we have to wait that FB will fix this issue than.

  3. Well as of today the thing is still not working. Most frustrating. I don’t want to post a link on my profile page, I want the darn thing to import the blog to my Notes. It just isn’t working properly. I hate that I would have to copy and paste and repeat the blog post entry on FB.

  4. Thanks!!! I’d been struggling with this issue for a couple of weeks, finally updating everything manually until today. In just a few minutes RSS Graffiti sorted everything out.

  5. @DONDEHOGAR – did you get RSS Graffiti working with a fan page or your personal page? I am getting an error trying to authorize it on a fan page i admin.

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