Korg KDM-2 power adapter hack

The Korg KDM-2 is a very nice digital metronome with one drawback, batteries only. After going through several sets of AAA batteries (four at a time!), I finally decided I'd had enough of contributing to the hazardous waste and so off I went to the local electronics store to see if I could get the thing to somehow use a power supply instead. Turned out the guy there knew exactly how to do it and within a few minutes, had the thing wired. Works great! 🙂

The KDM-2 says 6v on the back, but we got away with using an old 5v D-Link power supply just fine (Model No. AF 1205-B). Here's some photos

Korg KDM-2 Digital Metronome (front)
Korg KDM-2 Digital Metronome (back)
D-Link Model No. AF 1205-B

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