3 digit offset G Powell on eBay!

Verne Q. Powell #106 is on eBay. It's an offset G open hole flute from 1929 - wow! That's rare. I haven't seen too many offset G open hole flutes from that era and certainly no three digit Powell's that I can recall. Opening bid is $3,000 which (no surprise) has been met. Ought to be an interesting auction as three digit Powell's are in themselves much sought after.

Notes from the listing:
# Made by Verne Q. Powell
# Handmade Model
# Soldered Tone Holes
# Open Holes
# Off-set G (we are aware that if you run the serial number through Powell's serial number database, it actually lists it as an in-line G. As you can see by the pictures, it is without a doubt, off-set)
# Low C Footjoint
# Solid Silver
# A=440 Powell Scale
# .014" Thickness
# Date of manufacture: 11/22/1929

Photo of the flute can be seen here:

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