3 digit offset G Powell on eBay! – UPDATE

Yesterday I received some interesting info regarding the three-digit offset G Powell on eBay:

The original was an open G# flute. The G# tone hole would have been offset and the upper G tone hole in-line. Extensive work have been done to it. The G# lever is not in the style of the older flutes. It's more like a modern Japanese design - straight arm soldered to the mech tubing instead of a wrap around. The extra lugs on the A, F and E keys are very odd. The original case is a plus.

I plan to contact the seller regarding this and see what they have to say. As is, their listing implies that this old offset G open hole flute was made this way by Powell and not cataloged right. That's very different than being altered to become an offset G flute at a latter date.

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