Yahoo! Mail – compose as plain text option

For those of us who prefer the 'old email' format for Yahoo! Mail replies. For example,

This is a test
This is only a test

# replies as

> This is a test
> This is only a test

Change your settings in Yahoo Mail:
Options ->
Mail Options ->
General Preferences ->
Composing E-mails ->
Compose messages as plain text ->

Note: I've noticed that if the original incoming email contains a photo, then that triggers the Full Text mode and overrides the Plain Text setting for the reply. To get around that, the easiest thing to do is to switch browsers and use Safari because it doesn't support the Full Text mode. Unfortunately, Safari also doesn't support the Contacts auto-fill feature that Firefox does. 😐

If you belong to Yahoo! Groups and interact via email, you need to change your settings for each group there too:

Edit Membership ->
Step 3. Message Preference ->
Traditional ->

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