WPaudio not working with WordPress 3.2.1

WPaudio MP3 player not working with WordPress 3.2.1. Anybody have a fix? Thanks!

UPDATE 7/15/11
Found the fix! (thanks Ursula)

Just so the answer is here as well, I followed these steps:

open the javascript file here:

Search for href$=.mp3 and replace by href$=".mp3"

(ie. add the quotation marks before/after .mp3)

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  1. For some reason the player will work for some mp3’s but not for others. It was like this before I add the quotes, but I added the quotes to href$=.mp3 hoping that it would allow all the mp3’s to play but it hasn’t changed anything. Can anyone help me out?

  2. Well, I did that and it didn’t work. I used to have a simple player alongside each track, now they are all converted to links that go to a non-functioning mp3 page. I’ll keep at it for a bit but I’m not all that tech savvy. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Well after an hour of farting around I have discovered it actually does work now, just not in Chrome. Firefox, Explorer and Safari seem to be working properly but I don’t have any idea why – some were redirecting to a new page while others were trying to initiate a download. Here’s what I did, but unfortunately I did it all in Chrome, which still doesn’t work. Maybe one of these steps fixed it in all the other browsers:

    – updated the code as above (didn’t work)
    – deactivated WPaudio and installed Audio (didn’t work)
    – deleted all the MP3s in the library and reuploaded them (didn’t work)
    – deleted the page and rewrote it from scratch, inserting the MP3s using the media button (didn’t work)
    – deactivated Audio and reactivated WPaudio (didn’t work)
    – checked and saved WPaudio settings (didn’t work)
    – checked in other browsers after refreshing the page (worked in everything but Chrome)

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