Visiting a friend in the hospital

Yesterday I went to a local hospital/rehab center to visit a friend. He had broken his leg awhile ago and was due to be released this Sunday. When I got there, the receptionist told me he was in room 7b. As I walked down the hall I passed many other patients, mostly elderly, lying in their beds. Many of these old people did not look long for the world and the air had a heaviness to it that made me uncomfortable just breathing.

When I got to room 7b, there was a janitor vacuuming but my friend was gone. I went back to the receptionist area and they told me he had been moved, but because of policy they couldn't tell me where. They advised me to call his daughter (except he doesn't have one!). So I called the mutual friend who had told me in the first place and he said that he had been taken back to the hospital for more tests. Apparently his electrolytes are way off. Here's to hoping he gets better soon!

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