UPS just flat out lied about my delivery

After waiting since Monday for my package to be delivered (it’s been stuck in Petaluma — 30 minutes away - since 6/14!). Now the UPS website claims as of 2:52pm today that "the receiver requested" (that would be me) to pick the package up from the UPS facility and will let me know when I can do that. I did no such thing. Pure bullshit.

I understand UPS is being slammed these days, but that’s no excuse for fabricating excuses as to why they’re not delivering packages. If the next thing I hear is I can pick it up in Petaluma, I’m going to just refuse delivery and return it. The whole point of why I bought it online was to have it delivered, not to have to drive 30 minutes to go pick it up myself! WTF.

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