Ubuntu Redux

It's been seven years since I last played around with Ubuntu. My old eMachines T2792 box was running Ubuntu 10.04 and when I went to fire it up, it said updates were no longer supported and various other warnings. I decided to give the computer away, but first I wanted to get it working better.

So yesterday, I installed Ubuntu 16.04.3. Everything went smoothly, except the computer was incredibly s l o w and s l u g g i s h! 🙁
At least with 10.04, the computer was still pretty peppy - certainly OK for internet work, but 16.04.3 just isn't happening. I'm now going to try Ubuntu 12.04.5 and see if that's any better.

UPDATE 8/30/2017
Well so much for that! 12.04.05 wouldn't fully install - tried two times.
Installing 10.04.4 in a few minutes. Hopefully that'll at least boot!

UPDATE 8/30/2017
Installed 10.04.4 no problem, working as before

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