Ubuntu 9.10 – Firefox freezes, sleeps but won't wake up

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 last night. Right away, Firefox 3.5 locked up (thankfully, Chrome seems stable). Left the computer alone for awhile and it went into sleep mode, didn't wake up. Restart. Aside from that, 9.10 looks nice!

UPDATE 11/5/09

Inspite of several minor updates from Canonical, 9.10 remains unstable. It's locking up more frequently and doing so whether or not I'm in Firefox. Something's messed up.

UPDATE 11/12/09

A bunch more updates from Canonical - NOW things seem a lot more stable, yay.

One comment on “Ubuntu 9.10 – Firefox freezes, sleeps but won't wake up”

  1. I am having similar issue but my computer freezes when I am watching a you-tube video. the CPU hits 100% and stays there but memory usage is only 16%. This must be a bug. I will do more test and them report this one.


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