Trim trailing spaces phpList

Error sending email to  You must provide at least one recipient email address.

One email address was failing, turns out it had a trailing space after .com
Not sure why phpList didn't automatically remove the trailing space on import, but that was the reason. 

Searching for the email showed up just fine in the phpList dashboard, but when I ran SELECT * FROM user_user WHERE email =''  in phpMyAdmin. I got no results. Not until I ran SELECT * FROM user_user WHERE email LIKE '' did the email match and upon further inspection, shown to have a trailing space.

This has happened before and baffled me as to why the fail because visually in Search subscribers the emails look fine and don't show that there's a space at the end. Would be great if that were different, for example if in the email report, instead of
[Mon 23 Jan 2023 12:24] [CL] 1 failed (will retry later) it actually showed the failing email
[Mon 23 Jan 2023 12:24] [CL] 1 failed: (will retry later)

Having to sleuth it out by going into phpMyAdmin, opening the eventlog table and reverse sorting by ID to find the culprit is a drag, but unfortunately, that's the way it is.


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