Time Machine – only one .inProgress file?

The external drive for my old iMac just shows a single .inProgress file, not several Time Machine backup folders plus an .inProgress file as is usually discussed on the support forms. In those instances, the advice is to delete the .inProgress file to restore the Time Machine backup -- but that's not what I have:
Backups.backupdb ->
iMac ->

Right-clicking on the .inProgress file reveals "Show Package Contents" and from there I can see several folders with long numeric names, and in them the folders from my iMac. However, I can not search these folders, nor can I copy them to the desktop. I'm stumped.

UPDATE 4/9/17 12:10PM
After talking with Ryan via chat at Apple Support, it appears that the hard drive *may* be corrupted. With that in mind, I'm currently running Disk Utility on the drive. It'll be interesting to see what that does (if anything).

UPDATE 4/9/17 12:14PM
Disk Utility did nothing 🙁

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