The Minutes Pass Like Hours When You Sing

Music and lyrics by Dave Tull

For twenty years I've been a jazz musician.
Three nights a week I lead this trio gig.
The trio is world-class, so the playing's always great
Which is good, 'cause the paycheck's never big.

But every night at 10:15 it happens.
You saunter in and promptly burn my groove.
I close my eyes to shut you out, but I know that it's no use
'cause pretty soon, you're gonna make your move.

You walk up while the band is playin' and wave a dollar bill at me.
You always want to sing a tune, but you never know your key.
Inside my head, alarm bells start to ring
'cause the minutes go like hours when you sing.

You choose a song that you have yet to learn.
And so you come in wrong and my stomach starts to turn.
And though the trio tries to make it swing
ah the minutes go like hours when you sing.

You proceed to ruin a song I used to like.
The people always clap, I can't see why.
'cause you don't know what you're doing, so every time you take the mic,
The lyric might be cheerful, but it always makes me cry.

If you drove like you sing, what a disaster it would be.
Random speeding up and slowing down and veering out of key.
You wave the mic around and make that feedback ring.
ah the minutes go like hours when you sing.

Oh you tell me you're a doctor who likes to try to sing a song.
You don't see why that should bother me.
Well, I like operations so I guess there's nothing wrong
If I show up at your office just to try some surgery.

I practiced thirty years to be a member of this band.
You sang once at your sister's wedding, you think you're welcome on the stand.
Your wife may say you sound just like "The King"
But the minutes go like hours - you must have special powers
To make those minutes go like hours when you sing.

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