Surf City Squeeze Blueberry Smoothie – it's loaded with corn syrup!

Earlier today I had a Blueberry & Banana smoothie at Surf City Squeeze in the Santa Rosa Mall. I thought all I was getting was blueberries, bananas and ice. Wrong! About thirty minutes after drinking the thing, I went back to Surf City Squeeze to ask them if they had added any sugar.

The young woman behind the counter reached down and brought up a generic looking plastic white bag of the mix that they add to their drinks. She wouldn't let me take a photo of the bag (she mentioned something about her boss not liking that), but here's what I recall out of the long list of ingredients: corn syrup, sucrose and milk! Good thing I don't get their smoothies very often. I even asked her if she could make a "just fruit" smoothie like Juice Shack or Whole Foods and she said "No, they have to use the mix." So unless they change their policy, that's my last smoothie from Surf City Squeeze.

One comment on “Surf City Squeeze Blueberry Smoothie – it's loaded with corn syrup!”

  1. I’ve been doing a bit of a allergen test on myself to figure out food allergy/ intolerances, one thing i’ve made a connection with is every single thing has corn/corn syrup/high fructose corn syrup in it that makes me sick!! Thought it was gluten and dairy, but turns out theres also corn syrup in many ice creams and breads…
    So thank you for posting this! I had some surf city squeeze chiller and felt terrible after, it was the last thing on the “find out if it has corn” list. 🙂

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