Square – no, you can’t get the customer email list

On Saturday, one of our customers left his debit card at our booth. He'd just used it to buy several of our books using the Square app + iPhone so I figured I'd just send him an email letting him know where his card was. Wrong.

Much to my surprise, I soon found out in poking around the Square website and searching on Google, Square DOES NOT let merchants have access to customer emails (they say it has to do with privacy, huh?).

Best thing I could see doing from within Square was to resend the email receipt, but no place to add a note - "Hey, you left your debit card here!" Fortunately, in this particular case I was able to track down the card owner via Twitter, but it was a big hassle and could have been easily avoided if I simply could have had Square deliver a message for us. Perhaps one day they'll include some kind of option to do that, but who knows when that will be, if ever. So in the meantime, if you want to add your Square customers to your address book, you need to ask them outside of the app. ๐Ÿ™

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