Sizzling Tandoor and Groupon – Wow!

Around 6:30 this morning I received an email from Groupon with the subject "Half Off Fare at Sizzling Tandoor." The Daily Deal went on to say "$15 for $30 Worth of Indian Fare and Drinks at Sizzling Tandoor."

Pretty good deal, but at the time there were only three buyers. I was buyer #4. Then at around 3:00pm, I wanted to show a friend of mine the deal and so I checked my Groupon app on my iPhone. There were 185!

I just checked it again, and it's up to 220 with some five hours still left to go! Like many other people, I had heard about the success of Groupon, but never actually witnessed the power of it for myself until today. Consider me sold! Groupon is onto something big, something very big indeed.

UPDATE 1/6/11
Closed with 258 buyers ($3,870). Amazing!

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