She’s over her skis

The phrase "She's over her skis" is an idiom that means someone is in a situation where they have taken on more than they can handle or are in over their head. It is commonly used in situations where someone has become too confident or is taking risks beyond their abilities.

The metaphorical meaning behind the phrase comes from skiing. If a skier goes too fast or takes on a slope that is too steep, they may find themselves "over their skis," meaning their weight is too far forward and they are unable to regain control. This can result in a dangerous and potentially harmful situation.

When used in everyday conversation, the phrase is typically used to describe a person who is in a precarious or risky situation. For example, someone who has taken on too many responsibilities at work or is making risky financial investments might be described as "over their skis."

Overall, the phrase "She's over her skis" is a colorful and memorable way to describe a situation where someone has taken on more than they can handle. It is a reminder to stay humble and aware of one's limitations in order to avoid potentially dangerous or damaging situations.

-- ChatGPT

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