Replacing AppleWorks 6

I'm still using AppleWorks 6 (circa 2003) for my graphics editing program. The Apple site says Apple Works has been replaced by iWork:

AppleWorks has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. There will be no further software updates. To find out more about iWork '09, the complete productivity suite from Apple, go to: For information on the AppleWorks to iWork transition, check the frequently asked questions document:

However, iWork lacks graphics editing - which is what I need. Other than PhotoShop, is there anything for the Mac that can do what AppleWorks did? Thanks!

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  1. I am having the EXACT same problem. All my designs are in Apple Works graphic design and with all the new fangled programs and expensive gizmos, my new mac cannot run appleworks. I called applecare and they are looking into whether there is a program that can do what i need, but i do feel very frustrated by this. How do i do my drawings??? arggg

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