Papas and Pollo, Sebastopol – For Sale

Was saddened to see the FOR SALE sign in the window of Papas and Pollo. One of my favorite Sebastopol eateries for many years - I wish them well.

UPDATE 8/6/11
Had some fish tacos yesterday and they were excellent! So glad to see this place back in business.

One comment on “Papas and Pollo, Sebastopol – For Sale”

  1. Don’t be too sad. If all goes well, Papas and Pollo will be up and running better than ever real soon. It could be run by a long time Sebastopol “Home Town Guy”. It could have table tennis championships, lots of kids stuff, even more healthy food, a employee of Papas and Pollo from way back when now trained as chef. Lots more fun and eventually a new look and definitely a fabulous good, good new vibration. Thanks for missing us. Good luck to you!

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