Out of tune, out of time

The tape recorder doesn't lie and the fact is, I played out of tune (flat mostly) for much of the rehearsal today. For starters, my flute was pulled out too far and I hadn't bothered to check my pitch with the piano. Those were my first mistakes. Secondly, we were rehearsing without our drummer, and yet I had my amp volume turned up as if we were. With the flute so loud, I wasn't really hearing the other guys as well as I usually do. In short, I was too loud to hear where the pitch was and really not capable of listening intelligently to the musical environment I was participating in. Just a whole lot of guessing going on my part as both my poor pitch and poor rhythm bear witness to. The good news (if there is any from this fiasco), is that I'm now very well aware of the situation and can hopefully learn from it so that it doesn't happen again.

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