Open letter to FileMaker

A couple of days ago (before calling them), I filled out the contact form to FileMaker asking about IN CONTROL. I wrote:

To Whom It May Concern:

What steps need to be taken to have IN CONTROL 3.5 updated and re-released? I'm still using IN CONTROL (in OS9 because) I haven't found anything in OSX that works as well.



Today, I got my reply:

Hello Bob,

Thank you for your inquiry. In Control 3.5 is not affiliated with the FileMaker brand names. Please use the link that was provided to find information with regards to your questions.

Any further questions, please contact us via email or by telephone at 800-325-2747

Thank you.

Jae' Deshields
Customer Assistance Specialist

Needless to say, I have replied to Jae' Deshields asking them to confirm their facts.


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