My Yahoo! Mail Plus search has stopped working

Yesterday, the search function in my Yahoo! Mail Plus account (which I pay $20/yr) stopped working. I no longer can find emails, and that sucks. As a Mail Plus member, I used to be able to call Yahoo! and get support when something went wrong, well not anymore, they've terminated phone support. Sending an email to "Yahoo! Mail Plus Customer Care" also is a dead end as it will just bounce. So rather than wait for Yahoo! Mail to get it together, I spent yesterday downloading the 68,000+ messages in my Inbox to my iMac. At least now I can search my email using my Mac. Hopefully, this Yahoo! search glitch will be resolved soon, otherwise I'll be forced to move my email elsewhere and that sucks too. If anybody knows how to contact Yahoo!, please let me know. Thanks!

UPDATE 7/24/12
Search is working again, yay!

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