Mr. Case

Foster: Now, Mr. Case, why don't you let me explain to you how I work?

Plummer: Please, that would be nice.

Foster: Well, you say, that there are family heirlooms inside your safety deposit box. That's fine, but in my experience, people like you have people working for them that handle these kind of things, and when they can't? Well, they don't call me, their people call me. So immediately I know there's something in that box that you don't want even your closet aids to know about.

No problem with me... you tell me, I don't need to know what's in that box, then I don't need to know. But, if you tell me there's a bunch of old baseball cards and I find out they're the launch codes to a nuclear missile? Well, let's just say, we no longer have an agreement.

-- Inside Man (Jodie Foster, Christopher Plummer)

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