Marigold Indian restaurant is open, finally!

Just found out that the new Indian restaurant in Sebastopol is open for business. Looking forward to checking it out!

IMG_2844.JPG (as of now, website just goes to GoDaddy landing page)

Update 9/11/14

First impressions, lunch:
No buffet. I ordered the tandoori fish from the lunch menu today, $10.99. What I got was a burrito-style wrap in two pieces (naan bread as the wrap with mixed greens and salmon inside). That's it. No soup, rice, papadum or other sides were included. The naan was very buttery, so I opened the wrap up. Mostly what I saw inside were greens, very little fish. Not at all what I was expecting. Doubt I'll order that again. Tax + tip = $14. Much better lunch values in Sebastopol elsewhere.

Update 9/24/14

Had dinner last night with some friends.  Meal was much better than my first experience, which is a good sign.  Dal soup in particular was excellent. Skipped the salmon and had their tofu masala.

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