Making an online IN CONTROL outliner

I'm beginning to think that the only way I'm going to ever get an outliner like IN CONTROL back in my life is to code the thing myself. Unfortunately, since I'm not a programmer there's going to be some background learning that needs to be done first in order to turn that dream into reality. 😐

It'll be interesting to see just how hard it is (really) to put together a simple online outliner that features drag and drop, columns, checkboxes and some of the other 'essentials' that the old IN CONTROL program had.

One comment on “Making an online IN CONTROL outliner”

  1. We are actually developing an Outliner software as a personal project planner tool. I have never heard of In Control before but it sound like something worth checking out. Can you please give me the link to the software?

    Please also check out our tool. It’s a research prototyping tool but it does work to certain extent. We really need feedback from people who actually use outliner tools. I also plan to make a web-based version of the Planner as well.

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