Las Vegas shooting – what could possibly have been the motive?

Like millions of other people, I wonder what could have compelled Steven Paddock to do what he did. In 1966, Charles Whitman did something similar when he took over the tower at the University of Texas and opened fire. In Whitman’s autopsy, they found he had a brain tumor and it’s been speculated that that may have had something to do with his actions. People high on drugs, alcohol or medication also do crazy things.

However, given the planning that went into the Las Vegas massacre, I’m leaning more to thinking this was some kind act of revenge and not the act of a "crazed individual." Perhaps Paddock was angry at America for it’s foreign military policies both past and present? For example, maybe Paddock was trying to give Americans a taste of their own medicine for the tens of thousands of civilian deaths in Vietnam, Iraq, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and other places. America has a lot of blood on it's hands, perhaps payback was Paddock's motive? Maybe we'll never know -- "Dead men tell no tales."

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