Keeping the weight off, five weeks later

On June 1, I ended my juice fast after hitting my target weight. Since then, my weight has gone up by as much as eleven pounds but has been averaging around seven. Currently, I'm six pounds over but expect that to be down to around five sometime tomorrow. Unlike my earlier "reboots," this time I'm having more success keeping the weight off. I attribute that in part to being more vigilant about not consuming processed food as well as how much and often I eat too. Also, keeping a fairly consistent walking regimen of 8-10 miles per day I'm sure has helped.

Not all my bad habits have been eradicated however. There are still things I know I shouldn't be consuming, but do. So I can't say I'm surprised when my weight goes up after having a bunch of chips, or bread, or more food than I really need. However, overall I'm pleased that after five weeks the pounds gained are within a much narrower range than they were before. As of right now, I'm still twenty-three pounds down from my heaviest, so that's good!

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